Why Repair

Repairs Through Contracts

This service modality has proven to be advantageous for both ZADRA and customers, considering:

• User peace of mind regarding repair management, freeing up their time for other tasks;
• Reliability in repairs, supported by the history of over two hundred delivered mandrels, with performance results equal to or superior to the original equipment. ZADRA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005;
• Responsibility in carrying out repairs, with traceability and full warranty of services rendered.

Repairing reduces costs and preserves the client's assets.

Repairs have shorter delivery times.

Repaired equipment maintains the same reliability and performance as new equipment, with identical warranties.

Repaired equipment can be adapted according to new customer specifications and market needs.

Equipment can undergo repairs multiple times.

Repairs reduce environmental impacts by generating fewer waste materials, including contaminants.

Repair Criteria

  • Visual and concentricity inspection of the mandrel.
  • Disassembly with evaluation of the efficiency or deficiency of the lubrication system and assessment of apparent damages (dents, grooves, broken parts, cracks, etc.). Digital photographic documentation.
  • Cleaning, identification, and segregation of components.
  • Dimensional inspection and non-destructive testing: Penetrant Liquid Testing and Ultrasonic Testing with the issuance of reports, optionally complemented with Magnetic Particle Testing.
  • Scope of Repair development for client presentation and evaluation.
  • Post-repair, issuance of reports for client submission, composing the "data-book":
  • Chemical Analysis Certificates and mechanical properties of manufactured components.
  • Non-destructive testing reports after repair.
  • Dimensional reports.