Manufacture and Repair of Expanding Mandrels

The manufacturing and repair of expanding mandrels are a specialty of ZADRA. A mandrel manufactured or repaired in our workshops embodies the expertise gained from delivering over two hundred mandrels, with performance results equal to or exceeding the original equipment.

Mandrels are delivered assembled, lubricated, and tested, ready to be put into operation, with a warranty.

Why Repair

Repair reduces costs and preserves the client's assets

It reduces delivery times

It reduces environmental impacts by generating less waste and contaminants

The client obtains equipment with the same reliability as new equipment, along with the same warranty and performance

Repaired equipment can be adjusted according to the new specifications of the client and the market

Criteria for Repair

  • Disassembly: Visual Inspection (leaks, efficiency, deficiencies), Apparent Damages (dents, impacts), Photographic Recording, and Report;
  • Washing, Identification, and Segregation of Components;
  • Dimensional inspection and non-destructive testing (liquid penetrant and ultrasonic);
  • Documentation, recording of dimensional and metallurgical survey;
  • Suggested Repair Scope, interaction with the client and technical discussion, and formation of a detailed technical proposal;
  • Repair (technical delivery, warranty, performance) Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Dimensional Tests;
  • Packaging, "Zadra Cradles", plastic and varnish, woodwork, and strapping;
  • Tracking, receives notes, markings for performance, quality, and warranty monitoring.

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