Since it began its activities in 1961, ZADRA Mechanical Industry has chosen to manufacture medium and heavy precision parts that are difficult to execute. To achieve this goal, it assembled a diverse park of machine tools and, above all, relied on the profound technical knowledge of specialized professionals. It was with this work proposal, always ready to face and overcome challenges, that ZADRA consolidated its name in the market and has been honored by its customers.

Along the journey, the company has been involved in supplying parts for marine engines and for industries such as aerospace, aviation, cement, paper, oil, steel, and others of similar stature.

In addition to custom-made parts, ZADRA manufactures, refurbishes, and upgrades assemblies, machines, and special devices according to design. In these cases, effectively collaborating in the development of the project and offering alternatives that improve performance and reduce costs.

It was with these attributes that ZADRA achieved ISO 9001 Certification in September 2005.
The combination of technical knowledge, operational resources, and constant pursuit of excellence is made available to customers and is being improved every day with each service.
Continuous improvement and exceeding expectations are the fundamental principles of the company.

Newton Zadra - Fundador


Providing industrial equipment and mechanical components for maintenance with a guarantee of functionality and permanent technical assistance, reassuring customers so they can focus exclusively on their business activities.


To be the client's extension, solving their problems and suggesting improvements with a guarantee of effective and efficient results.


Ethics: Moral attitude in the performance of its activities, whether professional or personal, acting with integrity, honesty, fairness, and dignity.

Confidentiality: Preserve the technical history and industrial heritage of the client.

Commitment: ZADRA is always ready to serve the customer and take on new challenges.

Team Spirit: Unconditional respect for inclusion and diversity.

Transparency: Clarity in its objectives, goals, and action plans.

Sustainability: ZADRA is committed to the circular economy and sustainability.

Success: Professional and personal fulfillment.